Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Wishing all my friends a Merry Merry Christmas!
and a Happy New Year! 

xox Jean

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

Yo! Happy Thursday!
I have managed to finish the quilt top before having the neck spasm!
It happen so suddenly, when i was preparing for work one morning, i had to take urgent off that morning to visit the doctor and was issued two days medical leave.
What happen was, I couldn't turn my head left, right, up and down. when i lie down, i'm unable to get up on my own. Skylar had to roll me to my side then slowly pull me up. >_<"
Needless to say, totally not able to do sewing or play games on my mobile phone.
Can't sleep well at night too, had to lie really really straight and walk around like a robot.
Skylar had the nerve to kept calling me C-3PO (robot from starwars) the whole week!
Anyway, now i'm better, and just in time to get ready for Christmas too! ^^

This quilt is sooo fun to sew!
The only challenging part is, getting the seams to meet!
Because of my perfectionist nature (skylar claims, i'm only perfectionist at selected times because perfectionist will not have messy bedrooms! but, how can sewing be compared to housechores right?! hmmp!), i have done quite a bit of unpicking, but i'm glad, because the end result is lovely! Now, i can't wait to quilt and bind it! = )

Have any of you start your Christmas shopping yet?
Christmas season is the best time of the year and my favorite too!
How about you? which holiday or season is your favorite?

Have a nice week!
xox, Jean

Monday, November 4, 2013

i'm back

I'm back! I have taken a much longer break then intended.
September & October seems to have just pass with a blink.

I have celebrated my birthday on 20th October and before that i went on a one week holiday trip with my younger sister Nicole and my cute nephew (her son) Tristan to visit my older sister Sarah!
Is been almost two years since i last saw my older sis and my dear dear sweet little nephew Seth and nieces, Jaymee and Sheryl! Although i chat with my sisters on Whatsapp on a daily basis but is still somehow different.
Seeing them, makes me realise how much i miss them all! Sigh!

During my break, i did :
** a little sewing every now and then
** a little fabric & notion purchase every month
** a little exercise 
(climbing 2 flights of stairs daily to use the washroom at work count right?! hehe.)

** a lot of fabrics and notions browsing
** watched a lot of movies and television series 
(season break is over, all the dramas returned! Yayy!! maybe next post, i will give a list of drama i highly recommend. heheh)
** a lot of snacking and late nights
** a lot of overtime at work too

this pretty sums up what i did for the past two months.

I am still working on my Basket Case quilt slowly.
Oh! I also started a new Patchwork Quilt project using Heather Bailey's Lottie Da Collection! This collection is sooooo beautiful! Love it!

Thanks for stopping by! ^^

xox Jean


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